Spin Blast Fashion Studio Review (Far Out Toys)

Spin Blast Fashion Studio
What It Is

Far Out Toy's newest collection The Spin Blast Fashion Studio is great for children who enjoy DIY! This fun kit lets your child create amazing spin art fashion that they can wear. The package includes 1 spin blaster station, 1 splat blaster, lettering & emoji stencil, 4 fabric paints, and 6 stamping plates. They'll be able to customize t-shirts, hats, shoes, accessories, backpacks, notebooks and more. When setting up to start creating, make sure to lay down a newspaper to help contain the mess. Also, slide a blank card into the shirt to help prevent paint bleeding. Pump spinner button up and down to spin stamp. Drip and drizzle paint to create your design. When done, remove the stamp from the spin station and allow it to dry completely before wearing. Your child can also just use the splat blaster by itself- unscrew the cap, apply a small drop of paint on the inside and squeeze the sides of the paint blaster to splatter and blast the shirt or accessory. Not only will the kids love doing this project, the whole family will have fun and enjoy. It's a great way to be creative as they come up with different color patterns on anything they want to create. 

Is It Fun?

For kids who enjoy DIY projects this is a nice way to do it.They'll enjoy getting creative while becoming a mini-fashionista and adding personal touches to their things. These would also be fun to package up and give to friends.

Who It’s For

The Spin Blaster Fashion Studio set is geared for children 8 and up and those who enjoy DIY projects. 

What To Be Aware Of
It could get messy if newspaper is not put down. Use the cardboard to prevent bleeding onto the clothing and wear clothes that can get messy while creating.
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