Chickapig Review (Chickapig LLC)

What It Is

Chickapig is a farm-themed strategy game for 2 or 4 players, ages 8+. Games take 30-60 minutes to play. Chickapig includes a game board, 24 Chickapigs, 8 Hay Bales, a Cow and fence, 18 cards, a die, a timer, and 8 poops. Yes, I said 8 poops. But more on that in a minute. A Chickapig is a chicken-pig hybrid that may or may not be delicious - what's important is how you'll get all 6 of your Chickapigs to the other side. You'll want to read the instructions yourself, but here's the poop. I mean the scoop. On your turn, you can move your Chickapigs like checkers, use your hay bales to open or block paths, pick helpful daisies or moooove that cow to leave stinky poops. The first player to get all 6 Chickapigs to their goal and into their pen, wins. The gameplay is relatively simple, and fun. Like all good strategy games, it will take a few plays before you really know what you're doing - but once you do, you'll cluck like a chicken and squeal like a pig. These are good things because Chickapig is a good game.  

Is It Fun?
Yes, players will like the strategic but relatively simple game-play and the fun farm theme. 
Who It’s For
Gamers, farmers and animal-hybrid fans, ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of
No chickapigs were hurt in the making of this game.  
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