Moj Moj Claw Machine Review (MGA Entertainment)

Moj Moj Claw Machine
What It Is

It's suspenseful, it's surprising, and it's super cute. It's the Moj Moj Claw Machine! Just like the classic claw machines you've seen in arcades, you use directional joysticks to maneuver the claw, pick up a plastic egg, and drop it through the chute. Lights and music play while you're working. You have one minute to successfully grab your prize, but if you're not successful don't worry. This toy claw machine comes with 24 reusable toy coins, so just slide another one in the coin slot and try again.

Once you get an egg out of the machine, open it up to see what's inside. The Moj Moj Claw Machine comes with six eggs inside of which are six Moj Moj, small and squishy collectible animals and other characters divided up into different themes, such as Adventure Seekers, Party Animals, Couch Potatoes, Happy Campers, Sun Bathers, Day Dreamers, Star Gazers, Bling Bling, Glitter Gang, Disco Party, Diamond Divas, The Sparklettes, and Claw Cuties. And, of course, some are rare and ultra rare. You can keep track of your collection on the included collector's guide.

Once you've revealed your Moj Moj, put them back in the eggs, put the eggs back in the Claw Machine, and try to grab them all over again. You can also add more Moj Moj eggs or store up to 50 Moj Moj inside the Claw Machine. 

Is It Fun?

Getting the eggs out of the Claw Machine adds another level to the unboxing, and it's a fun bit of skill and action that you can replay over and over without needing to take multiple trips to the change machine for quarters. We also like that the Claw Machine continues to be part of the play, doubling as storage space and offering classic Claw Machine play whenever kids want to test their skills. 

The Moj Moj themselves are very cute and have a nice squishy tactile appeal. They'll be a fun collectible for kids who like mini collectible toys.

Who It’s For

The Moj Moj Claw Machine is for ages 5 and up. This will be a fun way for kids to play with and store their Moj Moj characters.

What To Be Aware Of

This comes with six Moj Moj, but you can store up to 50 inside. Additional Moj Moj are sold separately.

Three D batteries are required but not included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 D batteries required