The Grinch Holiday Heist, Snowtube Fun, and Sleigh Time Review (Just Play)

The Grinch Holiday Heist, Snowtube Fun, and Sleigh Time
What It Is

Bring The Grinch to life in these animated Holiday Collection sets that capture him and his mischievous ways as well as Who-ville "friends" in action. Pull on the holiday wreath and Max, The Grinch's loyal dog, will spin around the chimney on his sleigh in the Holiday Heist play set. Also, in this play set the Grinch will pop out of the chimney and of course a present will too! Likewise, in the play set Sleigh Time, The Grinch's bags of presents glow when they are pressed down and his sleigh speeds away now that he has his gifts. In Snow Tube Fun, press down on the snowman's hat to send Cindy-Lou and Groopert soaring down the slope!

Is It Fun?

We enjoyed the details and whimsical manner and humor of these play sets that allow kids to play out scenes from The Grinch movie. That being said, they didn't always work that well for instance, in Holiday Heist, the Grinch pops up and the present goes flying when you pull the wreath, but the string that attaches to the wreath struggles to function and is very hard to pull at times. Also, in that play set Max can come off his sleigh pretty easily. Likewise, in Sleigh Time the bags of presents are supposed to glow when pressed, but that doesn't always work and the Sleigh can get stuck on certain carpeted surfaces and not speed off. However, the Snow Tube Fun play set on the other hand works really well. Cindy-Lou and Groopert really do slide with some nice speed and we just love Cindy-Lou's exuberant face and pigtails.

Who It’s For

These Grinch Holiday Collection sets are recommended for ages 3 and up. Each is sold separately. We recommend these sets for anyone who loves activity sets, especially holiday themed sets, and imaginary play. These sets are also ideal for fans of the Grinch.

What To Be Aware Of

No batteries are needed for these active play sets. 

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