LEGO Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack Review (LEGO)

LEGO Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack
What It Is

Help protect Elvendale when you build the LEGO Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack construction set, model number 41196. There are 883 pieces in this set, and with those pieces you get to build the main model, which is a three-level tree, and it has a lot of cool features. It's got a slide from the back to the front, a staircase that can be revealed when you swing the tree branch, a waterfall tower, and shelves that become beds when you turn the knob. There's also a Volcano Hammer function, an opening mailbox with mail inside, and a large moving telescope.

Separately, you get to build a large portal with two knock-down targets, a bat shooter, and a moving branch.

Defending the tree are Lumia, Naida, and Azari mini-doll figures all with special weapons and accessories, such as a fire magic element, a water magic element, a water staff, a light staff, and a Book of Ancient Magic. A Blubeary the bear figure is also included.

Attacking the tree are Hippo and Crase bat figures, plus a buildable and fully poseable Noctura the evil bat figure with moveable wings and opening jaw. Two little spider figures come along for the ride.

Is It Fun?

This set is gorgeous and really transports LEGO Elves fans into a magical land. Yes, this set might take awhile to build, but it is totally worth it. The amount of detail and all the fun features really set the scene and allow kids to create an action-packed battle or whatever kind of story they want to tell in the world of Elvendale.

Who It’s For

The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack set is for ages 8 to 12. It will be fun to build for kids who are fans of LEGO Elves.

What To Be Aware Of

It took TTPM's Master Builder one hour and 30 minutes to assemble this set. The instructions were fairly easy to follow.

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