Brain Fart Review (PlayMonster)

Brain Fart
What It Is

Who will have a brain fart first: you or the timer in the new party game Brain Fart? In this game, you've got to think fast to name something in one of the given categories shown on a cube and grab that cube. Oh, and your word has to start with a specific letter. If the brain-shaped timer goes out and farts on your turn, you have to take a dreaded chip. You want to be the player with the least number of chips when the game ends.

To play, you'll have the brain timer in the center of the playing space, and the nine cubes ready to roll. Each cube has six different categories on it. Some of the categories include "heroes", "vacation spots", and "places to shop". You won't know which categories you'll be playing with for the round until you roll the cubes onto the playing area and see what categories end up facing up. Press down on the brain timer to start time (which is random and could be anywhere between 30 and 45 seconds) and see what letter you have to play with for the round. Then, take turns naming something in one of the categories shown on a cube that starts with the letter displayed. When you name something, grab the category cube. Play until the brain farts or all the cubes have been grabbed. 

Take a chip if the brain farted on your turn. The last player to grab a cube gets to give one of his chips to any other player. That player starts the next round. Continue playing until all the chips are gone, and then players count up their chips to determine the winner.

Is It Fun?

You really have to use your brain in this game, but because time is of the essence playing Brain Fart is easier said than done. We like that the game is quick to learn, making it an easy addition to your next game night. And because there is a time crunch, some of the answers people throw out might be kind of ridiculous, and that has the potential to add a lot of entertainment value to this game, so you definitely want to keep that in mind when you think about who you want to invite over to play.

Who It’s For

Brain Fart is a party game for three or more players ages 14 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with nine cubes featuring 54 categories, 25 chips, a brain timer/letter generator, and rules. Two AAA batteries are also included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy