Brodie Bowl Review (Brodie Bowl)

Brodie Bowl
What It Is

The Brodie Bowl is a raised feeding station for dogs and cats.  The inventor originally designed the Brodie Bowl because his dog was afflicted with megaesophagus which is an enlargement of the esophagus that makes it difficult to pass food to the digestive tract of the afflicted pet.  This can lead to other medical issues as well.  Although feeding their dog using a raised station helped, they really saw great results when they fed their dog on the stairs.  This seemed to keep their body aligned well enough so that gravity could move the food along.  The Brodie Bowl offers both a raised feeding station and a tilted bowl platform.  This unique step-up design keeps the body aligned in the same manner as feeding on the steps using gravity to help move the food along.  The Brodie Bowl isn't just for pets with megaesophagus though.  It also works well for pets that suffer from back or neck issues due to age or injury.  The Brodie Bowl is adjustable for a custom fit.  The Brodie Bowl is available in 2 sizes, Brodie size for small dogs and cats and Chief size for larger dogs and it comes with a no-slip mat to minimize mess and provide steady footing . Brodie Bowls are made from FDA approved ABS plastic right here in the USA.    

Why Is It Useful?
The step-up design of the Brodie Bowl keeps your pets body aligned for easy digestion. 
Who It’s For
The Brodie Bowl can be used with any pets but it's especially for those that have digestion issues or orthopedic problems.
What To Be Aware Of
The Brodie Bowl comes in 2 sizes, Brodie size for small dogs and cats and Chief size for larger dogs.  Brodie Bowls are made using FDA approved ABS plastic.  They are manufactured in the USA. 
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