Zippytuff Squeaker Ball Review (ZippyPaws)

Zippytuff Squeaker Ball
What It Is

Now, there are tough dog toys out there, but this squeaker ball is no joke. The ZippyTuff Squeaker Balls are bouncy, squeaky, chewable, and durable. These round rubber squeaker balls are see-through and have no stuffing. They also come in various sizes and colors.

Is It Fun?

My dogs loved this toy. They loved the chewable texture with all of its grooves and ridges. They also loved the squeaker, which can be quite loud. I loved how tough, but flexible this ball is as well as its bounciness. But what I really loved about this toy is that though my dogs are heavy chewers, neither dog was able to puncture it, no matter how rough the play. We recommend this ball for outdoor use.

Who It’s For

These dog toys are ideal for active and youthful pups who love to fetch, chase and chew. The large 3" ball is great for large or medium-sized dogs, while the small 2.5" ball is great for small or medium-sized dogs. 

What To Be Aware Of

Now, while my dogs may have loved this dog toy, each dog is different so results may vary.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value