Pop-A-Zit Review (Jakks Pacific)

What It Is

Pop-A-Zit is a pimple-popping skill-and-action game from Jakks Pacific that's based on the addictively popular pimple-popping videos shared over social media.  If you get satisfaction out of watching pimple popping blackhead compilation videos and pimple popping reaction videos, this is probably a game for you!

Set-Up: There is a some set-up required. The game comes with a water bottle, which you'll need to fill up and attach to the back of the board. You can also use silly string. It's not included but there is an adapter to work with it if you want---you know, to get that true gross-out effect of the real-life situation. If you don't have silly string though, there's water! 

Gameplay: Once set up, grab some friends and take turns spinning the spinner. Whatever number you land on on your turn, you'll have to squeeze the giant zit on the Pop-A-Zit character's forehead. If you land on the null symbol, you're safe. If you land on the arrow symbol, play switches to move in the opposition direction. If you land on the question mark, other players decide how many times you must squeeze the zit. 

The game is an elimination style game; once you pop a zit, you're out. The last player left standing is declared the zit-popping master. 

Is It Fun?

Pop-A-Zit is a game that plays into the simple joy and satisfaction some people get from popping zits, along with the gross-out fun it brings. This one is a great option for families to play with younger kids due to the simplicity of the gameplay coupled with the delight it will illicit with each zit popped. 

Who It’s For

Pop-A Zit is for ages 4 and up from Jakks Pacific. It will appeal to pimple-popping fans as well as kids that like the silliness of the gameplay. 

What To Be Aware Of

Depending on the gross-out factor you're going for, you can also break out the silly string. Silly string is not included, but it definitely adds to the fun. 

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