Marvel Avengers Hero Inventor Kit Review (littleBits Electronics)

Marvel Avengers Hero Inventor Kit
What It Is

The littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit is a new themed STEM/STEAM circuitry building kit from littleBits. The kit comes with 9 bits to get started, including: power bits, input bits (accelerometer, button, and light sensor), bluetooth low energy (BLE) bit to control your device wirelessly with your Bluetooth-enabled device, wire bits to extend your bit formula, a sound effects output bit, and a round light (LED) matrix output bit. In addition you'll get a battery, all the components to piece together your own superhero gear (e.g. gauntlet), plus stickers to customize it. 

Step 1: Download the free Hero Inventor app for Apple and Android devices. You'll need an iOS 10+ or an Android 5.0 + operating system to use. 

Step two: Create your first invention. Like any littleBits kit, this one requires kids to build some basic circuitry components, which will be used to power-up, in the first activity, Iron Man's iconic pulsar. As soon as you enter the app, you are greeted with easy-to-follow instructions to complete a variety of different activities and, in the process, create different inventions.  

As kids work their way through the different activities, they'll learn different engaging STEAM lessons such as how different input bits can trigger sound effects just like an MP3 player, how an accelerometer bit can sense how fast or slow you are moving and react to different gestures. Kids can even practice some basic coding skills in later activities that play in to the customization of the gear and how they can roleplay with the toy. 

Each of the different inventions kids work through within the app features a different well-known superhero to walk them through. These superheroes range from Iron Man to Ant Man to Wasp, Black Widow, Shuri, and Hulk, among others. As kids advance through the activities, the app will also begin to quiz a child's knowledge, while reviewing how the different circuits work together and how to code. 

Is It Fun?

The building part is super easy thanks to the more than 18 pieces with which kids are building circuits. You can easily see which bits go where in the follow-along instructions, and the charge of the magnets help to ensure correct assembly and understanding of how the circuits work. We also like how the bits easily lock into the gauntlet, so once you've built your invention, kids can play freely without worrying about the circuits coming apart or out of their gauntlet---perfectly suited to hold kids are likely going to roleplay with the gear (not gently). 

Who It’s For

The littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit is for ages 8 and up from littleBits. This is the type of toy that we think is going to appeal to a wide audience, boys and girls thanks to the repeat play value of the product (18+ activities), opportunities to roleplay with their creations, as well as the ability to customize their inventions to either replicate those of their favorite Marvel superheroes or make up their own. Parents will also appreciate all the learning built into the play, great for helping to hone STEM/STEAM skills in or outside the classroom.

What To Be Aware Of

One 9V battery is included with the kit and will be needed in order to power up your inventions. 

While the gauntlet does come with an Iron Man gauntlet stand, kids can easily customize their gauntlet (and stand) and model it after any favorite superhero, including equally cool female Marvel characters like Shuri, Black Widow, or Wasp. 

This littleBits set is also compatible with all other littleBits sets so kids can further customize and build.

There are sheets of stickers to customize the gauntlet in red, purple, and gold, plus a blank sheet so kids can color in their own designs to use.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    1 9-volt battery required