Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Happy Campervan & Convertible Review (Moose Toys)

Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Happy Campervan & Convertible
What It Is

The Happy Places Campervan is a tiny home, on-the-go! Doors to the camper open to reveal a shower, sink area with a hidden toilet, and an eating area which can be transformed into a bed for your little Shopkins to sleep. The top of the van has a small area for your Shopkins to perhaps enjoy a sunrise or sunset. The set includes a refrigerator, a stove, a microwave, and a few surprise blind boxes which are attached to the box.  

Your child will have tons of fun toting around the camper from place to place, but with just two wheels on the back how is that possible? Well, the Shopkins Happy Places has the perfect solution, the Rainbow Convertible which comes with Lil' Shoppie Rainbow Kate. The colorful convertible comes with a few accessories; a picnic basket, picnic pieces, spare tire, and purse. And when you're ready to pack everything up the convertible has a trunk to fit all the accessories. The doors open to the convertible for more imaginative play. You'll be able to attach the convertible to the campervan and finally get the getaway going! Fit one or two Lilí Shoppies in the car and a few more in the campervan to make it a big and fun getaway.

Is It Fun?

The Happy Places Campervan and Convertible is a fun way for kids to play with their shoppies; brand new adventure, collectibles and a surprise element, which everyone loves. They'll be able to imagine a new far away place when they take their Shoppies on the road. 

Who It’s For

Both the Happy Places Campervan and Convertible are recommended for children 5 to 15 years old and will be fun  for fans of Shopkins.

What To Be Aware Of
Additional accessories are sold separately. 
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