Calico Critters Baby Band Series Blind Bag Review (Epoch Co)

Calico Critters Baby Band Series Blind Bag
What It Is

This just might be the cutest most adorable concert recitals ever with the Calico Critters. These adorable Baby Band Critters now come in a mystery bag surprise. Each mystery bag comes with a baby figure and a musical instrument. There are eight different critters, like chipmunk to a puppy to even a rabbit, each with their very own instrument, like drums or a piano.  

Is It Fun?

What is really fun about these critters, apart from the surprise, is that each figure can hold their instruments in their hands. With posable arms and heads these critters really do look like they are playing their instruments. Plus, some critters can actually stand on their own. Likewise, these cute critters are made out of hard plastic with soft fury exterior and are wearing adorable outfits. Also, we love that the collector's guide details what your baby critter loves to do.

Who It’s For

These critters are recommended for ages 3 and up. We also recommend these critters for anyone who love cute surprise toys as well as imaginative role-play. These critters are also ideal for those fans of collecting mini figures and fans of musical instruments and toys. 

What To Be Aware Of

These can be used not only with the nursery series play sets, but also with any Calico Critters house or play set. Each surprise blind bag critter is sold separately. That being said, if you purchase more than one Calico Critters surprise, you may receive two or more identical dolls.

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