LEGO Friends Creative Tuning Shop and Service & Care Truck Review (LEGO)

LEGO Friends Creative Tuning Shop and Service & Care Truck
What It Is

Have endless go-kart fun with  LEGO. Create and customize your Lego go-kart with the Lego Friends Creative Tuning Shop or care for and tune up your cool go-karts with the Lego Friends Service and Care Truck. The 413 piece Creative Tuning Shop set features a showroom with rotating floor and sliding door function, an upstairs office with desks and a computer, a lifting workshop platform, and 2 go-karts along with Emma and Dean mini-doll figures and their cat Chico. Likewise, the 247 piece Service and Care Truck set features a tow truck with tipping ramp and winch function, a workshop area with lifting function, Olivia's go-kart and a go-kart launcher as well as an Olivia mini-doll figure along with a robot and hamster figures.

Is It Fun?

These sets are really fun to build and play with. There is just so much to do and play with. We loved the real working lifts and ramps along with these Lego Friends pets. That kitty is just so cute. Plus, they have crazy cool details like a paint sprayer, a trophy, a cookie and even a hamster crossing sign. Also, it only took our master builder about 30 minutes to build the shop and 45 minutes to build the truck.

Who It’s For

These Lego sets are recommended for ages 6 to 12. We also recommend these Legos for anyone who loves building, especially building with Legos.

What To Be Aware Of

LEGO toy sets are compatible with all Lego construction sets to build your own dream creations. Each Lego set is sold separately.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy