Shopkins Lil' Secrets Secret Lock Make Up Salon and Secret Lockets Review (Moose Toys)

Shopkins Lil' Secrets Secret Lock Make Up Salon and Secret Lockets
What It Is

There's a secret in Shopville, but you can unlock it with the Shopkins Lil' Secrets collection. Featuring microsize Shoppies dolls, Shopkins, and playsets, there's lots for kids to discover as they collect.

The Shopkins Lil' Secrets Secret Lockets are the smallest playsets, and they each come with one Teeny Shoppie that you can see in package and one tiny Shopkin hidden inside the locket playset. You'll have to open up the playset to see which Shopkin and tiny world is inside. Themes include Pizza Paradise, Locally Grown Farmers Market, Lil' Giggles Baby Boutique, Petite Boutique, Lil' Gems Jewelry, and Tiny Tunes Music. You'll also discover moving parts or hidden surprises inside each playset, such as a flip-up table that reveals a pizza or a sliding dance floor. Thread the string through the loop and you can wear the lockets as a necklace. Each is sold separately.

The Shopkins Lil' Secrets Secret Lock Make Up Salon playset is one of the bigger playsets, but it still comes with a Teeny Shoppie and a tiny Shopkin. You also get a special map that will help you crack the code on the playset so that you can open it and start playing with your Shoppie and Shopkin in the tiny world inside. Along with revealing Lippy Lulu and Fluffy Brushy, you might get a special finish inside your playset: glitter, pearlescent, fluffy, or metallic. You'll definitely find three hiding spots for the tiny Shopkins in your Lil' Secrets collection, as well as a swiveling makeover chair.

Additional larger playsets include So Sweet Candy, Donut Stop, Pretty Paws, Pretty Petals, and Great Bakes Cupcakes. Each is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

This new collection is a very cute and very tiny new way for Shopkins fans to play. Kids will like the surprise of opening each Secret Lock playset to see what characters and fun features are inside. The smaller Secret Locks have a great mystery and unboxing aspect to them, plus kids can easily wear them and take the play on the go. The larger playsets put kids on a treasure hunt to crack the code and uncover the fun inside, adding in some roleplay to the collectability and unboxing.

Who It’s For

The Shopkins Lil' Secrets toy collection is for ages 5 and up, and will be a fun new way for Shopkins fans to collect and play.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Shopkins Lil' Secrets playset is sold separately.

SPOILER ALERT: If you lose the map to the Make Up Salon and forget the code (or if your symbols on the map are hard to read like ours were), the code is actually printed on the back side of the playset.

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