Fake News Review (Breaking Games)

Fake News
What It Is

No, we're not talking about the current president's latest news rant; we're talking about Fake News the card game from Breaking Games. 

In this game, players get to make up headlines and be judged as to whether their headline makes the cut to earn you points, or if it's deemed "Fake News." 

Getting Started:

Gather up a group of 4-8 players. Each player is dealt a set of three tokens to hand down three points, two points, and fake news (zero points). All the cards are shuffled: Images cards, Topic Cards, and Audience Cards. Players are then dealt five blue Topic Cards and the red Image Cards are placed face up at the center of your gaming area based on however many people are playing. 


One player is named the "audience" for a round and takes a green Audience Card. Before the round starts, players decide if they want the audience revealed before they begin playing their cards or after. 

Then, when ready, all other players play any number of Topic Cards in their hand on an image, so long as the image doesn't already have a topic card on it. Meaning, you may use multiple cards from your hand on a single topic card during a round. Once placed, players then make up a headline to say aloud using both the Topic Cards and Image Card(s). The "audience" for the round, then determines the best headline, the runner-up headline, and who earns the badge of fake news for the round. Play moves clockwise with a new audience. 

All other players replenish their hands up to five cards and new Image Cards are laid out. Once everyone has had a chance to be the "audience," scores are tallied to determine who earned the most points and who earned the most Fake News tokens throughout the game. 

Is It Fun?

Overall, gameplay is pretty straight forward. But while we like the premise of this game, we think it's best played with a creative bunch of people. Some people simply aren't good at making up stories or headlines on the spot, and when that's the case, the game isn't that much fun. The photos can also be hard to work with at times. 

That said, our favorite part was getting into character to roleplay as the different audiences while judging---there's some good ones. 

Who It’s For

Fake News is a game for ages 13 and up. It can be played with 4-8 players. The majority of the content in this game is pretty clean and appropriate. It really depends on the people playing in terms of how inappropriate things can get.  

What To Be Aware Of

You might think from the games' title that it's all about politics and news, but it's much more focused on the idea of creating catchy headlines than actually delving into politics whatsoever. 

Keep in mind, this is a game where you need to gauge your audience. Some may take things offensively. We think the title of this game should hint to that, but if you don't get it you probably shouldn't play. 

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