LEGO Friends Emma's Deluxe Bedroom and Andrea's Bedroom Review (LEGO)

LEGO Friends Emma's Deluxe Bedroom and Andrea's Bedroom
What It Is

Turn your bedroom into a recording studio or art studio with Lego Friends. Andrea proves that practice makes perfect with her musical bedroom, while Emma is always creating something in her art studio bedroom. Each building set features fun funky artistic details, like Andrea's bed, which folds up into her closet to create room to rehearse, or her ultra cool laptop to mix music or Emma's pottery stand and old-style telephone.

Is It Fun?

We had an amazing time with these sets. Andrea's Bedroom, an 85 piece set has so many cool features like a piano, a guitar and even her pet parrot. Likewise, Emma's Deluxe Bedroom 183 piece set is a lot of fun. How can you not love her cat blanket on her bed or even her pet cat. Also, it only took our master builder about 10 minutes to build Andrea's Bedroom and 15 minutes to build Emma's Deluxe Bedroom.

Who It’s For

These Lego sets are recommended for ages 6 to 12. We also recommend these Legos for anyone who loves building, especially building with Legos.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Lego set is sold separately. Lego toy sets are compatible with all Lego construction sets to build your own dream creation.

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