Oosh Slime Magic Mix Review (Zuru)

Oosh Slime Magic Mix
What It Is

Have a goopy good time with this slime that is already made for playtime. This squishy goodness comes in several colors like glittery purple, pink, orange and green as well as fun colors like liquid gold and neon rainbow. Here we have Magic Mix. At first the orange and pink colors are separate, but the real fun is making them mix.

Is It Fun?

Good luck putting this slime down. It's a lot of tactile fun. It's just so super duper slimy and gooey. It's so much fun to hold, squeeze and squish. This slime feels great in your hands, but it does leave a thin film behind. This slime sticks to surfaces like tables and chairs a bit, but it should probably be kept away from most fabrics. That being said, it is pretty stretchable and tends to be less thick than other slime. 

Who It’s For

This slime is recommended for ages 4 and up. We also recommend this slime for those who love tactile fun, especially slime, and imaginary play. This slime is also ideal for anyone who wants a goopy good time.

What To Be Aware Of

Each is sold separately. This slime is already made; sorry no DIY here.

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