LEGO City Hospital Review (LEGO)

LEGO City Hospital
What It Is

LEGO City Hospital is recommended for ages 6-12. Its 861 pieces took us an hour and twenty minutes to assemble. This set features thirteen mini-figures: hospital and emergency staff, patients, a newborn baby and visitors who look like Harry Potter and a bearded Ned Flanders. Patients in a hurry can arrive at the hospital in an ambulance, and if it's an organ you need, the helicopter is on its way. The hospital is full of fun, modern details, like a sliding entrance door, ambulance drop-off, delivery room, and an optometry exam room. And check out the x-ray room - pick a slide, hit the lights and let's take a closer look at your insides! LEGO City is full of dangerous jobs, so it's no wonder that the hospital is the busiest place in town. It's fun to assemble, fun to play with and as an extra bonus - it can be a great way to introduce  kids to hospitals if they or a loved one ever needs to go there. I hope they don't! l. This is LEGO item 60204.

Is It Fun?
Yes, children will enjoy all of the details and story they can tell with the LEGO City Hospital.  
Who It’s For
LEGO City builders and players, ages 6-12.
What To Be Aware Of

Its 861 pieces took us an hour and twenty minutes to assemble.

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