Trix Trux Review (Tristar Products)

Trix Trux
What It Is

Trix Trax, from Tristar Products, is a truck and track set recommended for ages 3+. It includes one truck, a decal sheet, and stunt track pieces. The Trix Trax truck requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Some assembly is required and you'll want to refer to the instruction booklet for stunt track set-ups. The truck has a lot of power for its size, has a smooth ride, and looks cool. A lot of the stunts are impressive, but I did at times, have trouble getting them to work well. The truck sometimes went off the tracks, or the tracks themselves moved around too much and upset the truck. When it's working well, Trix Trux is a lot of fun - but I do feel like this is the sort of toy that looks amazing on the commercial, but does not always work the same way once you have it home. There is a lot I like about Trix Trux, but there are other parts that I feel need to go back to the shop for some repairs

Is It Fun?
It is fun, but the truck could at times go off the tracks.
Who It’s For
Truck and tricks fans, ages 3+
What To Be Aware Of

It requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. 

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    3 AAA batteries required