Mego Happy Days, The Facts of Life, The Brady Bunch and Charmed Classic 8-Inch Figures Review (Mego)

Mego Happy Days, The Facts of Life, The Brady Bunch and Charmed Classic 8-Inch Figures
What It Is

Calling all classic TV fans. Your favorite action figures are back! You're going to want to see this collection of 8-inch poseable figures from MEGO based on some of the most beloved TV shows of all time. 

As collectors certainly know, Marty Abrams and MEGO virtually created the collectible action figure business with an incredible collection of limited edition figures based on characters from Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, The Facts of Life and Charmed

This collection includes the top characters from those shows. Fonzie from Happy Days in his classic motorcycle jacket, Alice from the Brady Bunch looks like she just stepped out of the kitchen in her uniformTootie Ramsey from The Facts of Life is ready for schooland Piper Halliwell looks spellbinding in a classic look from Charmed

Collectors will appreciate the retro look of all of these characters and their iconic costumes. And thanks to the magic of modern television, today's kids may even get to know these characters through streaming services home video collections. Each of the 8-inch figures has 14 points of articulation so if you DO take these out of the package, you'll be able to pose them. These are all numbered limited editions, and they're selling out, so if you see one of your favorites here, get it soon. 

And stay tuned for more figures to come in this collection.

Is It Fun?
These will be most fun for collectors who remember watching these shows as kids and want to recapture the magic of those experiences with these retro figures. Although the figures are articulated and poseable, there's not really that much traditional play in them. These will really be largely for display. 
Who It’s For
These are for classic TV and retro action figure fans. 
What To Be Aware Of
The figures are available exclusively at Target. 
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy