Mego Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and General Zod Classic 14 Inch Figures Review (Mego)

Mego Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and General Zod Classic 14 Inch Figures
What It Is

Attention, classic action figure fans. You’re going to want to see this. Check out the MEGO 14-inch figure collection. Given all the excitement around these classic figures, it’s really fun to go retro and see these classics get a new life. Each of the figures in this collection has been produced in a limited edition of around 8,000, and they’re all numbered. 

So let’s jump back 30, 40 years or more and take a look at these. We’ve got Wonder Woman in her 70s era costume. She looks a bit like Lynda Carter, who played her on TV, and she’s got the costume that still celebrated American patriotism before it was changed in then 1980s. Harley Quinn looks hilariously scary with her trademark grin and mallet, ready to get up to a little mayhem. 

We haven't seen General Zod in a while. Superman's Kryptonian nemesis comes in his classic outfit with a piece of kryptonite. 

Then there's Batman. This is the caped crusader looking as he did in the 1960s TV series when he was played by Adam West. For long-time action figure fans, these should bring back a lot of memories. For collectors, these limited editions will make a nice addition to your classic action figure line up. You may or may not want to take them out of the package. If you do, you'll find they're fully poseable as well with 14 points of articulation. 

Is It Fun?
For classic action figure fans, these are great. And for the many people out there who still remember MEGO, these will be a kind of homecoming.

They are articulated and poseable, but we think they're going to appeal mostly to adult collectors who are likely to leave them in the package.

Who It’s For
The MEGO figures are primarily for adult collectors.
What To Be Aware Of
If you do take the figure out of the package, you'll find that they're numbered for additional collectibility.

The figures will stand on their own.

The initial collection is exclusively available at Target. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy