LEGO Voltron Defender of the Universe Review (LEGO)

LEGO Voltron Defender of the Universe
What It Is

From the Lego Ideas collection comes Voltron - Defender of the Universe. This impressive set #21311 comes with a staggering 2321 pieces and was created for ages 16 and up. Voltron fans and Lego lovers will lose their minds over this amazing set. It comes with 5 instruction booklets, one for each lion vehicle and a 6th for weapons construction and how to connect all lions to form the ultimate space solider. Book six also tells the story of Voltron, and it's characters, plus a story on it's fan designer and design story as well. The titanic robot warrior complete with the blazing sword and shield is made up of Black Lion #1 as head and torso, red lion #2 & green lion #3 as arms, and blue lion #4, and yellow lion #5 as Voltron's legs. This set took our building experts 3 and a half hours to complete. The lion ships can be played with or displayed individually or combine them using extra-strong joints to form Voltron. Builders can pose the head, shoulders, arms and wrists of Voltron (legs are not posable). Voltron stands 15 inches tall when completed, and is the biggest buildable LEGO mech ever! This is an amazing sculpt with so much detail. For more info fans can checkout

Is It Fun?
The fun here is partially due to nostalgia. Fans of VOLTRON - DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE from the 80's cartoon series will be blown away by this awesome set. LEGO fans of all ages will definitely appreciate the detail and design of this titanic robot.

Building each lion vehicle, there are 5, and putting them all together is a huge undertaking but definitely worth it. Voltron can be displayed as a complete sculpture or as lion vehicles.  

Who It’s For
LEGO Collectors and fans of the 80's cartoon series will really get the most out of this gigantic set. Since our expert builder completed VOLTRON in 3.5 hours, this set is definitely for the advanced LEGO builder. Created for ages 16 and up, we think 13 year old enthusiasts would be up to the challenge of this Defender Of The Universe.
What To Be Aware Of

VOLTRON sadly does not come with mini figures, but that aside this is an amazing sculpt with so much detail. For more info fans can checkout

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