Felt Ball with Rope Review (Yeti Dog)

Felt Ball with Rope
What It Is
 Yeti Felt Dog Toys are hand-made in Nepal using 100 % New Zealand wool.  They are different from your average vinyl or rubber toys since the texture is unique.  There are 4 different versions; the bone, the figure 8, the ball with wings and the ball with rope and tail.  The wool used is all natural and safe should your dog ingest small bits.  The Yeti Felt Dog Toys are colored with vegetable dyes that do not contain AZO's. These toys are great for dogs that need some variety in their toy box.  They can be used to fetch, for tugging or for mild chewing.  
Is It Fun?
The Yeti Dog toys can be fun since they can be used in several doggy activities including fetching and tugging. 
Who It’s For
The Yeti Dog Felt toys are good for dogs that need more variety in their toys.  We also think these might be good for dogs with mouth or teeth issues since they are soft. 
What To Be Aware Of
Each Yeti Dog Felt Toy is made with 100% Natural New Zealand wool.  There are no AZO's in the coloring used to dye the toys.  These dog toys should only be played with under pet parent supervision.  While they are safe it is not suggested to let your dog ingest pieces of these toys.
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