Automatic Laser Cat Toy Review (Eyenimal)

Automatic Laser Cat Toy
What It Is

The Automatic Laser is great because of it's "set it and forget it feature." Your animal is able to play to their heart's content until the timer runs out on the system. And with Eyenimal's 3 year automatic warranty for the Automatic Laser this interactive toy is sure to be your animal's favorite. Even against the most Mufasa-like pouncers.

Is It Fun?

The Automatic Laser runs on a 15 minute automatic timer. So if you do set it and forget it, it won't run longer than 15 minutes before it turns off by itself.

Who It’s For

It's great for both pet parents and pets alike. Your cat or dog will like it because the powerful laser never stops moving, making an enticing prey. And for Fur Parents, you get to click one button and wait for your pet to pass out in happy exhaustion.

What To Be Aware Of

As it goes with all laser products for animals, we encourage you to still keep and eye on your pet while they are using this product and make sure your whole family is practicing safe laser procedures.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value