Five Little Fish Review (Ravensburger)

Five Little Fish
What It Is

Five Little Fish, from Ravensburger, is great for 2-5 players, ages 3+. It includes 36 lily pad cards, 2 fishing rods, and 5 little fish with colorful, retractable tails. The object of the game is to remember where fish are swimming and to catch more than your opponents. Place the fish in the middle of the table, and surround them with cards. Pick a card and try to catch that fish. If you do catch the right fish, place it in front of you. If not, throw it back in the middle. As players collect fish, everyone else should take a note - if you match the correct color, you can take your opponents' fish. A rainbow fish card allows you to take any fish, and a grumpy frog card makes you put a fish back. Keep playing until all lily pad cards have been played, and the player with the most fish wins! The fish are very cute and this is a fun spin on classic memory games. Younger kids may need a little help hooking the fish, and everyone will love the friendly competition. Games take 15-20 minutes to play. So even if a fish has a short memory, I hope yours lasts a little bit longer.

Is It Fun?
Yes. Kids will enjoy finding and then hooking the fish.  
Who It’s For
Young game players and fish lovers, ages 3+
What To Be Aware Of

Games take 15-20 minutes to play

  • Fun

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