Yeah Nope Game Review (Wonder Forge)

Yeah Nope Game
What It Is

Yeah Nope from Wonder Forge is a new adult truth-or-dare meets situation-style game.

Game Set-Up: Start by spreading out the 12 Situation Tiles at the center of your gaming area. Note: The tiles are double-sided but it doesn't matter which side is face-up when you begin. All players are also dealt 10 Experience Cards. Each player is also given an In/Out chip. The game begins with all chips "In" side up. 

Gameplay: Play starts with someone (the It Player for a round) giving the rest of the players a scenario to build off. These scenarios i.e. Experience Cards, act as set-ups that the rest of the players/guessing players must then work together to embellish with a Situation Tile they feel is most likely to apply to the It Player. Note: you are trying to be accurate, not necessarily funny in your selection. 

Once the guessing players come to an agreement, the It Player uses the mermaid sequin box to give the verdict:  Yeah, true or Nope, false.

If the Answer is Nope, the It Player's turn ends and the "It" Player shares their story. 

If the answer is Yeah, the guessing players then decide whether they want to stay In for another round of play or go Out. Flip your chip to show your decision. If players go Out, they will only earn points for the rounds played and can no longer guess or give input to fellow guessers in future rounds. If players chose to stay In, the used situation tile is put aside and guessing players choose a new tile they think also works for the Experience Card previously provided. But watch out; If you stay In and earns a "Nope" from the It Player, you'll lose all your points. 

Earning Points: Players earn one point every time they get a "Yeah", while the It Player also earns a point each time the answer is "Nope." 

Ending the Game: Play continues until all players go Out or the next "Nope" verdict is handed down. If all players go out before a "Nope" ruling, the It Player earns zero points.*

Is It Fun?

Unlike many situation card games, where you are oftentimes simply trying to pick what you think the judging player will find most funny/entertaining, in this game we like that the Selection Tile the guessers choose has to be accurate. This removes the sometimes frustrating element of players earning points solely based on getting the judge's sense of humor and opinion. But the real highlight for us was the packaging: mermaid sequins on anything are addictive, and we love how they're used in a creative way here that's also gameplay essential.

Who It’s For

The Yeah Nope game is for ages 17 and up, and can be played with anywhere from 3-8 players. The age-grade is due to some content and potential stories that come out of the game that may not be kid appropriate. However, removing the 21+ tile and keeping things PG can make it acceptable for play with younger audiences, with adult supervision. 

In terms of game style, this game will appeal to casual board gamers thanks to its straight-forward instructions and formatting. It's best suited for large groups or in party settings. If you like classics such as Truth or Dare or Would You Rather? as well as the scenario card games that have become social gathering staples (think: Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, etc.) then you'll probably like this game. 

What To Be Aware Of

There is one tile that's rated 21 and up you can choose to take out. 

* The exception to the rule is the Never tile. The Never tile, when played, ends the round no matter what and earns either the It Player three points or the guessing players three points, depending on the Yeah/Nope ruling.

Playtime can be as brief or long as players wish.

This game, at launch, is available exclusively at Target.

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