Jurassic Park Danger! Adventure Strategy Game Review (Ravensburger)

Jurassic Park Danger! Adventure Strategy Game
What It Is

Don't let the dinosaurs get you in the Jurassic Park Danger! Adventure Strategy Game. One player gets to control the dinosaurs, while the other players team up as characters from the classic movie. If the humans activate all the locations, achieve their character goals, and make it to the helicopter, they win. But if the dinosaurs eliminate three characters, the dinosaurs win.

If you're playing as a human, pick your character and take his or her player mat, cards, mover, and goal token. The player who controls the dinosaurs gets a dinosaur player mat, cards, action token, and the three dinosaur movers.

To start, the dinosaurs and humans take turns secretly playing cards from their hands and placing them facedown on their player mats. Then they take turns performing an action as detailed on the card. Both dinosaurs and humans can run, climb, or sneak with certain restrictions. 

Humans want to move around the board to get to locations and activate them by rolling 5 or more on the die. Each character also has a specific goal, and must move around the board to either collect goal tokens or avoid losing one. Dinosaurs are simply trying to move around to attack and eliminate characters.

On the humans' turn, they can also play free actions, such as distracting. Distracting causes a dinosaur to attack you, but as long as you still have cards in your hand, you're still in the game. If a human has no cards left in his hand at the end of their turn, they are eliminated.

Is It Fun?

There are eight pages of instructions for this game, and they can be kind of confusing. We think this is more of a game that makes sense when you just start playing. Fans of the original Jurassic World will like the opportunity to play as a favorite classic character, and fans of strategy games will like either working together as a team to complete all objectives or sneaking around as a dino to eat everybody.

Who It’s For

The game is for two to five players ages 10 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes 110 cards, 11 player mats, 19 island tiles, five perimeter frames, 10 character movers, three dinosaur movers, 13 fence tokens, 19 tokens, a die, and instructions.

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