Kidi Star Karaoke Machine Review (VTech)

Kidi Star Karaoke Machine
What It Is

The Kidi Star Karaoke Machine from VTech gives a big update to the Kidi Super Star karaoke machine of a few years ago while still putting kids at the center of their own personal stage for entertainment. 


You'll need to set up the karaoke machine stand before getting started, but it doesn't take long to do. The main thing you'll want to be aware of though is correctly sizing the stand for your child (see What to be Aware Of, below, for more information). 

Getting Started:

Tap the power button located in the upper left of the karaoke machine's main console to power up your next karaoke sing-along. Also be sure your microphone is also set to the "On" position. Then, turn the built-in disco ball on and chose a mode to set the mood, such as Party or Peaceful. 

Built-In Songs

Kids can tap the big Singing Fun button on the left and use the dial and OK button to select one of 8 built-in songs. (Note: Refer to the instructions guide for lyrics to each to sing along). 


  • While singing, you can also quickly add in sound effects such as applause by pressing the star button on your microphone or one of the five sound effects buttons on the lower right portion of the machine's console. 
  • Music Magic Button: Tired of the singers on the music tracks up staging your beautiful voice? Tap this button to reduce the main vocals from the songs so you can lead. 
  • Voice-Change Button: Get a bit silly with the voice-change feature. Tap it to cycle through different voice-change effects that could make your voice squeaky like a mouse, drop it down deep, and more. 

Your Music

The Kidi Star comes with a hook-up so you can also play your own music. Simply plug it into your music device and tap the Your Music button on the console to access. Use your own device to select a song as well as adjust the volume level.  


All sung out? The machine features six built-in games, which you can also cycle through. Some require you to use the selection dial for game play (Balloon Time), some use the Ok button (Music Pop), some use both (Tongue Twisters), and some are more action based (Funky Monkey and Beat Boxer). There's also a simple Free Play mode, which you can use for singing or even hosting your own comedy show with built-in laughs included. 

Is It Fun?

This new machine has a lot going for it, but perhaps the best part, in our opinion, is the portability. We like that it can be housed in the mic stand when at home, or removed for more portable sing-alongs on a long road-trip, for example.  Kids can take their karaoke party anywhere and feel like a superstar as they record their next single.

Who It’s For

The Kidi Star Karaoke Machine is from Vtech and it's for ages 5 and up. This kid-friendly karaoke machine is perfect for kids that like to sing their hearts out where ever they go. For parents, this is a good option for parties as well as road trips thanks to its ability to be detached from the stand for on-the-go play.

What To Be Aware Of

The stand isn't adjustable once assembled but you can remove one of the rods so it's best sized for your child. Once that's out of the way, get ready to sing it out! 

The machine itself doesn't actually play lyrics so if you do need the words to sing along with we suggest turning to a free karaoke app or YouTube for sing-alongs.

Four AA batteries are required, and they are not included.

The VTech Kidi star Karaoke Machine is available in two color schemes: pink and purple (shown in this video review) and (red and black).

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA batteries required