LeapReader Learn-to-Read 5-Book Set Review (LeapFrog)

LeapReader Learn-to-Read 5-Book Set
What It Is

Start kids on the road to reading with the LeapReader Learn-to-Read 5-Book Set. Using LeapFrog's popular LeapReader device, this includes five books that interact with the LeapReader so that kids hear words read aloud when they touch the LeapReader to the pages. 

Each book focuses on consonants and a different short vowel sound. When kids touch the book icon, they'll hear the page read aloud. The colored diamond icons will say a word, sound out a letter, or say a letter to spell a word depending on what kids touch. Even though the books in this particular set focus on short vowel sounds, that doesn't mean the LeapReader doesn't recognize all vowel sounds. If you use it in Sound It mode, it will recognize when a vowel gets a long sound or a short sound. 

The star icons activate games or activities, often in two different skill levels, to help reinforce the phonics skills. 

The books include Casey Cat Has a Hat, The Best Job!, The Fix-It Kids, Leap Scrubs Up, and Leap Hops, Pops & Mops.

Along with the content of the five included books, you also get a digital content sampler to download through the LeapFrog Connect Application that includes learning songs, a trivia challenge game, and two audio books. Additional content and books are downloadable or sold separately. The LeapReader has 201 MB of memory.

Is It Fun?

Beginner readers will really like how these stories come to life with a touch. Using simple words and engaging activities, this interactive system is a fun way to help kids sound out words letter by letter and build phonics skills. There's so much more content to explore and discover with the LeapReader, but with five books and a digital sampler in the set, it's a great way to get kids started on their reading journey.

Who It’s For

The LeapReader Learn-to-Read 5-Book Set is for ages 4 to 8, and will be an interactive way to help early readers with their reading comprehension skills.

What To Be Aware Of

The LeapReader uses a USB cable to charge. No batteries are required.

To set up, connect the LeapReader to your computer and install the LeapFrog Connect Application. You'll need to register the device by creating a LeapFrog parent account and then download the included audio content.

The LeapReader does have volume control.

There is a headphone jack on the top of the LeapReader, but headphones are sold separately.

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