Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone Review (VTech)

Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone
What It Is

Be a superstar wherever you are! That's the tagline of the Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone. It's a portable microphone that functions as a karaoke machine, and it even has the ability to reduce the main vocal track of a song so you can sing along as the lead. The color-changing mic base adds a light show to your performance.

In Free Play mode, you can use your imagination to create your own concert, talk show, or whatever you want. Or change to Singing Fun mode and choose one of four built-in songs to sing along with. Lyrics are included in the instruction booklet. When you're ready, press the Music Magic Button to reduce the main vocal track to sing by yourself.

You can also use the included cable to connect the microphone to an external music player, such as an MP3 player or mobile device, and sing along to your own music. You can even use the Music Magic feature in this mode, though it may not work as well for all songs.

The microphone also has four built-in games. Music Catcher and Silly Beat, Silly Song are skill-and-action games where you must press buttons at the right time to either "catch" a music note or add a silly sound effect to a song. Beat Boxer lets you record your own beat box song, and Tongue Twisters challenges you to master tricky tongue twisters.

At any time you can press the sound effects button to add applause or other silly sounds into your performance, as well as press the voice-changing effects button to give yourself one of four different vocal effects: squeaky, deep, robot, or echo.

Is It Fun?

This microphone makes it easy and fun for kids to put on a show no matter where they go. With different ways to use the microphone and fun animations to watch while they sing and play, kids will have a lot of fun getting creative and pretending to be pop stars.

Who It’s For

The Kidi Star Music Magic Microphone is for ages 5 and up, and it will be fun for imaginative kids who like to sing and perform.

What To Be Aware Of

This includes two AA batteries for the in-store try-me features, so we recommend replacing them before you play for best results.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AA batteries required