Mayka Glowing Toy and Road Toy Block Tape Review (Zuru)

Mayka Glowing Toy and Road Toy Block Tape
What It Is

The Mayka Toy Block Tape from Zuru are pegged rolls of rubber tape for displaying block structures.  These pegged rolls of tape stick to most flat surfaces and kids then attach lego or lego type creations to them. You can cut the tape, shape it, reuse it and just have fun placing it in unexpected places. You can also stick this upside down, on a wall, on the bed or anywhere your imagination takes you. We have two themes; Glow in the Dark and Road Tape. The road themed tape has four pegs across with white road diver down the middle. 

Is It Fun?

 The Mayka Toy Block Tape helps to add a sense of whimsy to any space. Kids will like showing off their built characters or structures by attaching them onto Toy Block Tape. 

Who It’s For

Mayka Toy Block Tape is for ages 3 and up. This is ideal for all ages and even adults will enjoy adding some fun to their office spaces. 

What To Be Aware Of

The Mayka Glow in the Dark Tape measures 6.5 feet and the Road Tape measures 3.9 feet. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy