Smashers Series 2 Gross 3 Pack and 1 Pack Review (Zuru)

Smashers Series 2 Gross 3 Pack and 1 Pack
What It Is

From Zuru comes the Smashers collectibles series 2 GROSS collection. Designed for ages 5 and up, they come in single packs or 3 packs. There are over 100 different smashers collectibles, with category names like rare awful animals, toilet humor, smash trash, icky insects, odd bodies, and filthy food, kids will enjoy the thrill of the hunt while trying to collect the rarest of the rare and trading with friends. There are even slime covered Smashers known as the ultra rare ooze dudes. There are glow in the dark smashers with names like dirty diaper, stink foot, and maggot pizza. Each eyeball has a mystery collectible inside, so if your kids are planning on trying to collect them all, you'll be buying lots of extras. Each comes with a collector's guide to keep track of how your collection is growing. The series 2 smashers eyeballs can be reassembled for extra added smashing fun. Look for the 8 pack and other Smashers products as well, like the Sludge Bus, and Puke Pizza collector's tin.

Is It Fun?
Blind Bag toys are all the rage! Kids will love hunting for the rarest collectibles and trading with their friends. There are over 100 different collectibles inside these mystery eyeballs so the thrill comes from not knowing exactly what they will get each time they SMASH THE EYEBALL! The eyeballs can be reassembled, so kids can smash these Smashers over and over again.
Who It’s For
Lovers of GROSS toys will get a kick out of collecting these blind bag style toys. For kids 5 and up.
What To Be Aware Of
The Smashers series 2 GROSS collection Eyeballs can be reassembled by following instructions provided. Though a bit tricky, we did it but found that a little tape as suggested made it a lot easier. Look for the 8 pack, as well as the Sludge Bus and Puke Pizza Collector's Tin also by ZURU.
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