World's Smallest Hot Wheels Cars Review (Super Impulse)

World's Smallest Hot Wheels Cars
What It Is

The World's Smallest Hot Wheels Cars, from Super Impulse, are recommended for ages 8+, and each one is sold separately. We all know and love Hot Wheels die-cast cars, but perhaps you have worried that they're too big. Your worries are over! With me today are three action sets and three individual cars, so let's get to it! We have the basic Stunt Action Set, the Hot Curves Action Set, and the Drag Race Action Set. Each set includes mini Hot Wheels cars, track pieces, and instructions. They also include clamps to give your tracks some height for a speedier race. These do actually work. Some better than others but I was pleasantly surprised to see these tiny cars pick up speed and perform stunts. I also have three individual mini Hot Wheels: Purple Passion, Custom Otto, and Fast Fish. These cars look great and can be raced on any of our action sets. I'll always be a "bigger" fan of the original cars, but I do think Hot Wheels fans will get revved up for the World's Smallest ones as well.

Is It Fun?
Yes.  Many Hot Wheels fans will prefer the classic, larger cars, but this is a fun addition. 
Who It’s For
Hot Wheels and small car lovers, ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of

Each set and car is sold separately.

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