Blocks by Speks Review (Retrospective Goods, LLC)

Blocks by Speks
What It Is

Blocks by Speks are mini magnetic building blocks that you can re-configure, stack, and build into a wide array of shapes and structures. They are available in two variations. Each of these sets includes nine blocks. In one set, we've got blue beams to work with, while in the other set there are nine gray-toned brackets. Each comes packaged fit together as a two-by-two inch cube. 

As a building toy, Blocks by Speks come with inspiration guides to help offer you, well, inspiration on what you can create with each set. 

Is It Fun?

While these mini building sets come with a guide for ideas on what to build, what you can actually create is only limited by your imagination. For kids (or rather teens and adults, really), there is also a bit of STEM learning about force, positive and negative charges, and how magnets attract/repulse through tinkering and building with the blocks. 

Who It’s For

Bloks by Spek doesn't have an age-grade but because of the strength of these magnets we think they are best suited for ages 14 and up. And aside from the STEM qualities of Blocks by Speks, these sets can also be simply good fidget toys for any age that keeps your hands busy and your mind a little less stressed. 

What To Be Aware Of

Bloks by Speks come with mini storage bags for play on the go. 

As previously mentioned, due to the force of attraction between these magnets they are best suited as fidget desk toys for teens and adults ages 14 and up. This is actually a federal safety standard, but of course this is still left up to a parent's discretion. These magnets have a force greater than typical magnet toy sets for kids. 

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