Ghoul Girl Vampirina, Ghoul Girl Poppy, Wolfie, Buttons, and Demi Plushes Review (Just Play)

Ghoul Girl Vampirina, Ghoul Girl Poppy, Wolfie, Buttons, and Demi Plushes
What It Is

Vampirina and her ghostly friends now can not only hangout, but cuddle with your little one. It's Disney Juniors Vampirina now in a new plush form, along with her ghoulish friends. Vampirina comes dressed in her signature bootiful web-printed dress with matching shoes and gloves. She looks just like she does in the show. Likewise her loyal pup friend, Wolfie is adorable with his signature purple and white hair. Just look at the hair. Then there is Buttons, who has her big beautiful eyes with eyelashes and signature snaggletooth and pink curly weird tail. Also, there is Demi with his signature bowtie and smile. And last, but no means least is Ghoul Girl Poppy, who is rocking her bow head band and a stylish dress with stars on it along with leg warmers and flats.

Is It Fun?

We enjoyed these plush. We loved their attention to detail and signature looks that make these plush look just like the ones in the show. Just look at those exuberant eyes, fluffy ears and tongue on Wolfie as well as Vampirina's dress with shoulder details. We especially love that these details are embroidered and that there is no hard plastic pieces. Also, we like how well made these plush are. Also, Demi is really cool because he can sit up right on his knees.

Who It’s For

These plush figures are recommended for ages 2 and up. We also recommend this toy for anyone who loves plush figures, especially stuffed dolls, and imaginary play. This plush is ideal for fans of the Disney Juniors Vampirina show.

What To Be Aware Of

Each is sold separately. Surface washable and air dry only.

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