Care Bears Cubs Good Luck, Bedtime, Love-a-Lot, and Harmony Bears Review (Just Play)

Care Bears Cubs Good Luck, Bedtime, Love-a-Lot, and Harmony Bears
What It Is

Make bedtime or playtime much more cheerful and cute with the Care Bears Cubs. These little guys are ready for all sorts of adventures or simply just for nap or bedtime. Adorable, cuddly and fuzzy Care Bear Share Cub plush toys feature a little puff of hair on top of their heads, large eyes, button heart shaped nose and embroidered hearts on paws. They also have the signature Care Bear button on the back and little cute tail. 

These brightly colored stuffed bears are all decked out in character matching patterned themed pajamas. Here we have Bedtime Bear, who is rocking a moon themed PJ as well as Good Luck Bear, who is wearing green pajamas with shamrocks. Harmony Bear has a purplish and pink PJ's set, while Love-a-lot Bear is full of love with pink pajamas that have hearts all over them. 

Is It Fun?

We had a lot of fun with these Care Bears. Honestly, how can you not. Care Bears are just too darn cute and cuddly and these latest additions are no exception. They are sweet additions and are the perfect size for a child to hold and hug. We especially love their large glittery eye detail, which makes these bears really stand out. Plus, their soft material feels like a soft terry cloth towel.

Who It’s For

These Care Bears Cubs are recommended for ages 2 and up. We also recommend these cubs for anyone who loves plush, especially Care Bears. These plush are also ideal for those who love to collect Care Bears as well as kids who are looking for some cute stuffed animals to cuddle up with at night.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Care Bears Cubs toy is sold separately. 

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility