Laser X Fusion Review (NSI International)

Laser X Fusion
What It Is

Laser X Fusion Blasters, from NSI International, includes two blasters, a front vest, a micro receiver, a long-range adapter, a wide-range adapter, and a spotting scope. It's recommended for ages 6+, and it's great for one or two players. Each blaster requires 3 AA batteries but that's the only additional equipment you'll need. No smartphones, no wifi, no apps! If you're among the over 5 million players already enjoying Laser X, you're familiar with how simple and user-friendly these blasters are. If not, here's how you play. Plug the blaster into the vest or micro-receiver. They can be used together for one player, or separate for two. Slide the switch to select your teams. To load, press and hold the trigger for two seconds, and shake your blaster. Each reload gives you 10 blasts. If you get hit 8 times, you're out. The added bonus to these Laser X Fusion Blasters are the adapters. Attach the long-range adapter to double your range to 500 feet. The wide-range adapter expands your coverage, allowing you to blast several players at once. And the spotting scope lets you see opponents over 500 feet away. The adapters work on both Fusion Blasters, and all Laser X Blasters can be used in the same games. Sound effects that can be heard on both receivers, and the front vest has a headphone jack. Play inside where lasers can bounce off walls and go through windows, or get outdoors, run around and have a blast.           

Is It Fun?
Yes.  It's easy to use and you'll be having "a blast" in no time.
Who It’s For
Laser Blaster fans, ages 6+
What To Be Aware Of

 Each blaster requires 3 AA batteries.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 AA batteries required