Smashy Mashy Review (Redwood Ventures)

Smashy Mashy
What It Is

What happens when something oh-so-soft gets a little edge? The answer is Smashy Mashy from Redwood Ventures. You may know how popular squish toys are these days, and you may even know the Smooshy Mushy series, also from Redwood. What many of those have in common is that they're sweet characters--animals, food and so forth. 

But what if you want something, oh I don't know, a little more, shall we say savory? Well, that's where Smashy Mashy comes in. The toys are still made of the cool, slow rise squish material, but thy characters have a little more ironic edge. After all, they come in a toxic ooze container, so you see where we're going here. There are six characters in series one, and each comes with a sidekick/pal. The containers are all blind, so you won't know which one you're getting.

The series inclues Unipug--a mash up of a unicorn and a pug with his pal T-Bone. (Get it--smashy mash ups?)  Mystic Cat & Sanger, T-Rocks & Cheddie, Sassquats & Fizz, Sneakz the Alien & Cheezer, Laid-Back Llama & Crispz.  Squish and play, and when you're done, store them back in their containers. You can invert them to see the ooze and then turn it back over to make it disappear. 

There's also more inside each container. You'll find a collector's sticker for the character you got, and a list of the characters in the series. Turn it over, and you've got a maze to solve. Use the special decoder to find the path. 

The characters also have a Nacho Cheese scent, but it's pleasant...if you like Nacho Cheese. (Think Doritos)

One of the things we really like about this is that the Smashy Mashy characters are a little bit edgy but not so much that they become gross or disgusting. Parents will like that as much as kids, we think. 

Is It Fun?

We really like these. Obviously they're something new in a hot type of toy, but there's more to it than that. 

As noted, these are a bit edgy but at an appropriate level for little kids. There's enough humor in them to appeal to kids ages 6 and up, while being wholesome fun. We really think that's both really creative and appropriate. 

Who It’s For

These are for all kids ages 6 years and up, but we think boys will especially respond to the humor and characters. (Girls might like a change of pace from all the cuteness of so many of these items, too.)

Kids who are into the squish trend will like these, too. 

What To Be Aware Of

The sidekicks come with a keychain, which is a cute idea, but in the manufacturing process, the hold for the chain was closed up. An adult can use a screwdriver, nail or other object to open that up and thread through the keychain. 

We really like the quality of the Redwood Ventures squish toys compared to others we've tried on the market. They're soft, slow rise (important for kids) and nicely detailed, but they also stand up to a significant amount of squishing without cracking of having the paint wear off. 

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