Cut The Wire Review (Yulu)

Cut The Wire
What It Is

Ready to bring out your inner Ethan Hunt and save the world from a ticking bomb? It's a very possible mission when you play Cut the Wire from Yulu. Well, of course we're only talking make believe, but this is a high-suspense skill-and-action game that combines a little luck and a little deductive reasoning. 

 Here's how you play. Install three triple A batteries and switch the game on. Select the game mode--either classic or timed--and you're ready to go. (By the way, the only difference between the two modes is that in the timed mode players have only 15 seconds to complete their turn.) Choose who goes first, and then on each turn, the player rolls the die, and does what it says. You'll have four options: 

(1) Cut a wire. Choose any wire to cut using the wire cutter. (2) Clue plus cut. Press the red button on the front of the unit and see a clue, then cut a wire. (3) Clue. You just get a clue and your turn passes.  (4) Clue plus Force Cut. You get a clue and then choose an opponent to cut a wire of your choice. If you cut a Dud Wire, which means it does nothing, you'll hear a dullish sound. If you cut the Danger Wire, the bomb lights up and makes an explosion sound. If you cut the defuse wire, you'll hear a trilling sound...and you win that round. 

Oh, and when a player gets a clue, that's only for him or her to see privately. Press the button, and the display on the front lights up for five seconds. It will tell you either what color the defuse wire is not--blue green or red or it will tell you that the danger wire has a square circle or triangle. You can use that information when you have to cut the wire...or you get to make an opponent cut the wire.

Play continues till the bomb is defused or explodes. This is one bomb that we predict is going to be a hit. 

Is It Fun?
For players who enjoy suspense games, this is really great. The "Mission Impossible" style tension is fun, and the game mechanics are very well thought out. Specifically, the idea that one player can force another to cut a specific wire is a nice turnabout and along with the clues makes this more than just a random game of chance. That keeps it interesting and reinforces the repeat play value of the game. 
Who It’s For
The game is graded for players ages 6 and up. Two can play, but it's more fun with a bunch of people. It's good for players of different ages to play together as well. 
What To Be Aware Of

The game will only work if all the cords are plugged in securely. If you can't start the game, check all the connections. Sometimes a connection may look like it's complete, but a little push will click it in place. 

The directions don't tell you how to select a game mode. After you start the game, push the red button once for classic and twice for timed. The game starts three seconds later. 

We couldn't figure out how to interpret the clues with the square, circle and triangle until we looked really closely and saw them molded on the wire connectors. They're actually a little hard to see, which may be intentional for the timed mode. We're not sure. In any event, the game unit is likely to be passed from person to person so you can see the shapes and the clues. 

For easiest cutting, place the unit on the table and hold one cord while you snip it with the wire cutter. 

The box isn't designed for storage, so you'll want to figure out a way to keep the clipper and the die with the game when you're done playing. Our solution was to take a small zipper bag, punch a hole in it, and click it between two wires, but you may find your own If you do lose the die or wire cutters, you can still play the game. The wires do pull apart, but that doesn't have quite the same sense of fun as pretending you really have to cut them. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty

    3 AAA batteries required