PaceMaker Extreme Game Review (Yulu)

PaceMaker Extreme Game
What It Is

How dextrous are your digits? Find out with this fast paced game.  Pac Maker Extreme from Yulu is a challenging party game for 2 to 8 players . The goal is to follow the patterns, fake out your opponents...and avoid getting shocked. 

The game unit takes three AAA batteries that are not included. Insert them, turn on the unit, and you're ready to play. 

The game has four modes, two elimination modes and two last one tapping modes. The difference between them is that in one mode you get a shock when you lose. Select the mode you want to play by pressing the center button--once for elimination, twice for elimination with shock, three times for last one tapping and four times for last one tapping with shock. Once you select your game, you'll see all the lights flashing. Each player has to press his pedal during that sequence to register they're in for the round. You'll hear a chime, and then one player starts. Press the pedal and wait for the ping, the play moves in a clockwise direction, initially, and the next player presses his or her pedal as soon as the ping sounds. Play continues. 

But there's a twist. If you tap twice, you'll reverse direction. If you tap three times, you'll skip the next player. So, you have to pay attention. And just when you think you've got it down, the game speeds up. In elimination mode, the player who misses is out--whether or not he or she got shocked. Press the center button one time to get the game going again and keep playing till only one player is left. With last one tapping, you have to pay even closer attention because if a player misses and you're next in line, you have to jump in to claim your space to keep the whole thing going. 

The game play is a little like Uno with all the racing and skipping and reverses, which means it's a very classic type of game. The difference is that you really have to pay attention. Oh, and the shock isn't much at all, just a little buzz. But you notice it. 

The shock is the reason they've designed this for older players ages 14 and up, but if younger kids want a turn, just play in the no-shock mode. There are a lot of variations you can come up with as well, such as playing with two pedals, crossing your hands of whatever you can come up with. 

This is one of those games that's pretty addictive. Just when you think you've got the hang of it, everything changes, and you'll want to go again. It's another really great game from Yulu...and that's NOT shocking. 

Is It Fun?
For fans of skill and suspense games, this is a riot. The faster it gets, the more challenging it gets, and it's a riot to try to keep up and follow all the action.

We love the fact that players can control the direction and the skipping; it adds a lot to the game and makes it more competitive. 

Who It’s For
This is intended for adult players 14 years and up. We think that's because of the shock, but the fast-pace might be challenging and frustrating for younger players. Still, if they want to give it a shot, try it in the non-shocking mode.

People who like fast-paced, party games will get a kick out of this as well.

What To Be Aware Of
The "shock" is more of a buzz. It's not painful, but some people will be more sensitive to it than others.

You'll want to pay attention to the instructions, as there's a bit of a learning curve as you get used to it. The instructions are clear: read them.

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    3 AAA batteries required