Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise Magical Pets Series 1 Review (Maya Toys)

Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise Magical Pets Series 1
What It Is

The Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise line from Maya Toys introduces Orbeez into the collectible toys aisle. 

There has always been a certain magical aspect to watching Orbeez pellets transform and grow when you place them in water, and now, with these new collectibles, the Orbeez beads become part of the fun of revealing/unboxing your Wowzers character. Hidden at the center of each pint-sized Orbeez-filled globe is a Orbeez Wow World Wowzer collectible character. But until you add water, the Orbeez clear beads camouflage the character and keep it hidden from view. 

To reveal, remove the fill cover and pour in a cup of water until the globe is filled up all the way. Adding water magically reveals what Wowzer you have inside. There are 20 different characters in the Series 1 Magical Pets collection, including rare and ultra rare character (shown on the packaging). A guide is also included to help you keep track of your Wowzers as you collect them. 

Use the included turn key to spin your Wowzer around inside the globe as well as to remove your Wowzer for its Orbeez-filled playset. Once playtime is over, simply drain the water from your Orbeez globe to hide your Wowzer all over again. 

Is It Fun?

Kids have long loved the squishy fun of Orbeez and we love how Maya Toys has taken the popular Orbeez and used them in a creative way that innovates the unboxing experience for kids. But our favorite part of this new surprise collectible line is the repeat play value it brings. All you have to do is empty out the water inside the globe, and your Wowzer will be camouflaged all over again for repeat unboxings, surprises, and lots of imaginative play to share with friends. 

Who It’s For

The Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise packs are for ages 5 and up. This collectible line is a great option for kids that are just as into the reveal factor as they are the characters they can get in a collectible toy line. With repeat play value, parents will also find a bit more toy shelf life to these mystery collectibles in terms of unboxing.

What To Be Aware Of

Unike previous Orbeez playsets, which required kids and parents to dissolve the Orbeez pellets in water to create the beads, these playsets come with Orbeez beads premade. 

The Orbeez super absorbent balls are made of polymer. 

As mentioned above, there is repeat play value to Orbeez, but as with many water-based toys they still do have a shelf life to them. You'll be able to get several uses out of them before you'll need to dispose of your Orbeez. If you smell or detect any mold growth on your Orbeez, throw them out. You can, however, refill your playsets with fresh Orbeez beads, which you can purchase and grow separately. Find out more about other Orbeez products here. 

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