Cutie Stix Friendship Collectible Bracelets Series 1 Review (Maya Toys)

Cutie Stix Friendship Collectible Bracelets Series 1
What It Is

The Cutie Stix Friendship Collectible Bracelets from Maya Toys are jewelry making kits packaged in blind bags so you don't know which beads are inside until you open them. Each bag comes with five EZ Cut Cutie Stix that have six beads on each. Snap the sticks apart to use the beads for the bracelets. Three Mighty beads, which are larger sized beads, an Avocutie bead, two pink cords, and two sets of clasps are also included for making two custom bracelets. An instruction sheet doubles as a collector's guide to see which beads you've collected. These are part of Series 1 which includes beads with treat, animal, emoji, and garden designs. Each pack is different. You may get the Ultra Rare Wonder Poo, Avocutie, Jelly, a jellyfish, Kiko the panda, Bluebeary Panda, Starbright, and Lips like we did, or any of the other cute beads. The beads are rubber like small erasers, and the cords are stretchy. Kids 6+ can choose which beads to use, and put them in any order they'd like. Two bracelets are included for wearing one and sharing one with a friend. 

Is It Fun?

This is a very cute jewelry making kit that we found easy and fun to make. We love how there are two bracelets included so you can wear one, and share one with a friend. The bead themes are fun, like emojis and animals, and the beads are colorful and cute, which will appeal to young girls. Packaged in blind bags, they also offer the element of surprise as kids do not know which beads are inside until they open the bag. 

Who It’s For

Recommended for kids ages 6 years old and up, the bracelet set is great for kids who enjoy crafts, and DIY projects. With two bracelets per pack, it's fun for 1-2 kids to design alone or together. 

What To Be Aware Of

These are part of Series 1. The Avocutie bead is a Target exclusive. There are two bracelets included per pack.

You do have to tie a knot on each end of the bracelet so some kids may need adult assistance with that. 

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