The Super Sticks Captain Fantastick, Elwood, and Twiggy Review (DOOG)

The Super Sticks Captain Fantastick, Elwood, and Twiggy
What It Is

These fetch sticks are not only strong and durable, they are brave and daring. You could say they are extremely dog friendly. With a handy grip  and a slobber resistant rope for improved throwing and grappling, these Supersticks are ready for any adventures to the park and are not afraid of a bit of tough play. These sticks also feature a rope allowing them to be hung at the front door ready for their next adventure. Plus, these sticks are even designed to float in water and have glow in the dark eyes.

Is It Fun?

My dogs had a blast with these sticks. They loved chasing them down after a good throw. Plus their long built in grip made them very easy to handle and hold. Plus my dogs loved the all natural rubberized feel of them, while I enjoyed how durable they were.

Who It’s For

These sticks are ideal for dogs who like tough and rough play as well as playing fetch. 

What To Be Aware Of

It should be noted that these toys are not designed to be chewed. So, please use them for chucking and chasing only.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value