Dawg-Nut XL and Ball XL Review (Ruff Dawg)

Dawg-Nut XL and Ball XL
What It Is

The Dawg-Nut and Ball from Ruff Dawg are large rubber dog toys that carry a claim of being indestructible. In our testing with a professional destroyer of dog toys, we find this claim to be accurate. We're not sure if it's the size of the toy or the materials that keeps it from being destroyed but our pittie mix has destroyed everything within a day and so far weeks have gone by with no damage. Ruff Dawg even backs their claim with a lifetime guarantee. The Ball has an incredible bounce capacity and goes straight when you toss it. The Dawg-Nut bounces erratically almost the way a bunny would run if it were being chased by your pooch. Both of these tough dog toys float so they are great for playing fetch in a lake or pond. The bright colors make it easier to track for the dog and easier to find in the high grass for the humans. The rubber material is non-toxic and the toys are made here in the U.S.A.

Is It Fun?

The Ruff Dawg Ball & Dawg-Nut is great fun for aggressive chewers who can't get enough. It's also fun for those dogs that love long distance fetch games.

Who It’s For

If you have an aggressive chewer on your hands than this is your dog toy. The Ball and Dawg-Nut XL are for larger dogs but the smaller size can be used by smaller dogs. These toys are great if your dog likes to run over long distances during fetch games. They bounce incredibly far.

What To Be Aware Of

The Ruff Dawg Ball and Dawg-Nut are made in the USA. They are made from a proprietary rubber material that has no BPA's, Phlalates, or Latex and is FDA approved. Do not stand in front of one of these toys if thrown near you and don't toss either toy directly at your dog. They are heavy and could cause an injury.

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