Disposable Breast Pads, Antimicrobial Breast Pads, and Breast Relief Packs Review (Dr. Brown's)

Disposable Breast Pads, Antimicrobial Breast Pads, and Breast Relief Packs
What It Is

The Dr. Browns breastfeeding relief accessories are helpful accessories for breastfeeding moms. We have Dr. Browns Antimicrobial Breast Pads, Natural Breast Relief Packs, and Disposable Breast Pads. Each of these are sold separately. 

  • The Rachels Remedy Antimicrobial Breast Pads are soft organic cotton Sherpa breast pads. This pack comes with 6 washable and reusable pads with a moisture guard barrier for leak protection.  These breast pads have silver ions that have proven to help prevent bacterial growth. 
  • The Rachels Remedy Natural Breast Relief Packs are great to have to help increase milk supply. These are really helpful and discreet.  This comes with 2 packs that have flaxseed and organic cotton cloth and a waterproof pouch. The flaxseed pillow can be microwaved or placed in the freezer to help with let down, sore breasts and relieve clogged ducts and mastitis. 
  • The Dr. Browns Disposable Breast Pads is a pack of 60 pads wrapped in packs of two for sanitation and convenience. These are helpful to take on the go and always have at hand. The soft oval shape fits into any bra and offers leak protection. Each pad has a sticky peel off center so moms can stick them to their undergarments. 

Why Is It Useful?

 All three of these products are a must for moms who are breastfeeding. These products help soothe, protect and encourage breast milk production while keeping mom comfortable and keeping up with everyday life activities. 

Who It’s For

The Dr. Browns Breastfeeding Support products are for moms who are breastfeeding. 

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Dr. Browns products like breastfeeding pillows and bottles are available and sold separately. 

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