The Tiny Bowl, Care Bears + EZ PZ Bowl, and Care Bears + EZ PZ Mat Review (American Greetings)

The Tiny Bowl, Care Bears + EZ PZ Bowl, and Care Bears + EZ PZ Mat
What It Is

 EZ PZ placemats are silicone feeding accessories for babies and toddlers. We have The Tiny Bowl, The Mini PlayMat, CareBears Placemat and Bowl in one and CareBears Placemat and Plate in one. Each of these is sold separately. These silicone placemats are a must for baby and toddler feeding. Each of these suctions to most flat surfaces and compartments make it easy to grab food and keep the peas separated from the applesauce. These placemats are perfect to take on the go and always offers baby a clean and familiar space to dine. We also like how easy these are to clean and how compact they store away. The Mini PlayMat is a placemat and compartments in one. This flower shaped placemat is not just for food but for craft projects so adults can use this too. CareBears fans will love these sweet themed mats.  

Who It’s For

These are for ages 6 months and up. These mats can be used for organizing craft supplies and more long after your child has outgrown them. 

What To Be Aware Of

The EZ PZ mats are made from 100% silicone and are available in various colors and shapes and sizes. 

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