Horizon Pet Teepee Review (P.L.A.Y.)

Horizon Pet Teepee
What It Is

The Horizon Pet Tee Pee from P.L.A.Y. is a terrific hideaway for cats and dogs that need a little privacy.  The material used for the fabric portion of the tee pee is a durable woven cloth with bright patterns.  The stitching and materials used give the Horizon Tee Pee the feel of an upholstered chair or sofa.  The inside of the Horizon Tee Pee measures a roomy 24.8" x 24.8" x 29.1" which is plenty of room for small dogs and cats to stretch out.  The Horizon Pet Tee Pee's supports are made from all natural pine.  You need only guide the supports into pre-sewn sleeves and then insert the comfy bed cushion and you're all set up to go.  This easy-set up makes the Horizon Pet Tee Pee easy to travel with.  There are 5 trendy patterns to choose from including Desert, Seacoast, Lake and Woodland

Why Is It Useful?
The footprint for the Horizon Pet Tee Pee is small enough to fit into any dwelling.  This would be a great additional bed or oasis for your dog or cat.
Who It’s For
The Horizon Pet Tee Pee is perfect for those small dogs and cats that prefer their own private nook.  This is a great gift for pet parents too since the styles offered should fit in well with almost any decor.
What To Be Aware Of
Keep an eye on your pets when they first use the Pet Tee Pee, especially those of the canine variety.  You might find them looking to taste the wood or fabric or the cushion inside. 
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