DoyenWorld Interactive Treat Dispensing Cat Toy Review (DoyenWorld)

DoyenWorld Interactive Treat Dispensing Cat Toy
What It Is

With DoyenWorld's Interactive Treat Dispenser, playtime doesn't stop when the treats are gone from the bottom chamber. On top of the treat chamber is a smaller one for other "pet-engaging herbs." Catnip for cats, and anise seeds for dogs. This extends playtime, long after the treats are gone from the bottom.

Why Is It Useful?

The Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy doesn't give up it's secrets easily. The way in which treats are released is small enough that it takes diligent pawing to receive a reward. My cat, Clawd, is an immediate gratification kind of cat, so he wasn't too keen on having to work that hard for his treats. But that's what makes this toy so wonderful for pet parents. There can be significant time between refills.

Who It’s For

The cool thing about this Interactive Treat Dispenser is the fact that it can be marketed to both cats and dogs! The hardshell plastic that surrounds the toy is durable enough for the lightest of paws and the heaviest of droolers.

What To Be Aware Of

Just give your pet some time to acclimate to working a little harder for a well deserved reward, and this cute little toy results in happy play, and a charming display.

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  • People Fun

  • Value