American Classic Food Dog Toy Collections Review (P.L.A.Y.)

American Classic  Food Dog Toy Collections
What It Is

The American Classic Food dog toy collection is a set of 5 dog toys that have been designed to look like human food.  There are 4 toys including a hotdog, the cheeseburger, the milkshake, drumstick and french fries.  All of the toys have an added feature like a squeaker, crinkly material or a giggle-stick mechanism.  The cheeseburger and hotdog also have removable meat that is held in place by Velcro. The American Classic Food dog toys are safer than most because P.L.A.Y. uses Azo-free dyes and they follow the guidelines set for children's toys.  They also use extra layers of material and inverse stitching to make these dog toys stand up to some serious play.  These are not chew toys though and should not be left with Fido for long or they will likely be damaged.  If this happens remove the toy immediately.  These dog toys are great for inside fetch games, some light tugging or as comfort toys for your dog. 

Is It Fun?
The American Classic Food dog toys are lots of fun for pets and pet parents.  They are great for small fetch games and light tugging. 
Who It’s For
The American Classic Food Toy Collection would be a great gift for pet parents that are foodies.  Even if they're not foodies, having these whimsical toys around the house is fun for pet parents and their furbabies. 
What To Be Aware Of
Although these soft dog toys are made better than most, they are not chew toys and will be destroyed if left with an aggressive chewer.  All P.L.A.Y. dog toys are made with the same safety standards as kid's toys.  Only Azo-free dyes are used to color the toys in this collection.  These dog toys can be purchased separately. 
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