Connect 4 Shots Review (Hasbro)

Connect 4 Shots
What It Is

Connect 4 Shots, from Hasbro Gaming, includes 25 balls and a collapsible game grid. Some assembly is required. Connect 4 Shots is a skill and action game for 2 or more players, ages 8+, although I do think younger kids can play and enjoy it as well. We all love the classic game of Connect 4, right? But who hasn't thought "wouldn't this be so much more fun, if instead of dropping discs we were bouncing balls?" Your long-suffering wait is finally over! Play one-on-one or as teams. One team is yellow and one team is red. Grab your balls and start bouncing. The first player or team to get four in a row wins! Balls must land in the grid and not rest on the ramp. If no one gets four in a row, use the orange ball as the tie-breaker. Take turns bouncing the orange ball to land anywhere within the grid. I've always loved Connect 4 and Connect 4 Shots is frenzied fun for the whole family. That's all for me today - it's time for me to bounce. 

Is It Fun?
Yes.  People of all ages will join the frenzied fun while trying to get 4-in-a-row.  
Who It’s For
Fans of Connect 4 and anyone who likes bouncing balls.
What To Be Aware Of
Some assembly is required.  
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